Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ATtinyShield: Video of Programming ATtiny85 using Arduino


The whole programming procedure of transfering a sketch from Arduino to an ATtiny85, can be shown here on a short video I made.
The full guide with all the nessecary steps can be found in my previous post.


Comming soon...


If you want to buy this shield check, my EBay listing:

You will get:
  • The shield with printed and already etched PCB with color silkscreen on it, and of course the components soldered on it. It will be fully functionable ready to program.
  • An Attiny85 20PU chip for your first experiments.
  • A detailed printed (and pdf) guide (in color) for the connections and the whole programming procedure.
  • The RGB-Tiny board, a small PCB with RGB Led, controlled by an ATtiny85 for your first experiments. With code provided you will be able to fade the Led to all colours or any other programming you want.

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