My name is Themis and in this blog you can find my projects on Arduino.
I especially like ATiny85 projects as you will find in here.

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  1. I Temhis fine job.
    I have Buy your shield an work fine.
    If copy sketck of RGB led from your site don't work.
    Same Parentesis is mising
    Ihave copy i think the same sketch from instructable and with same ajustament work fine.

    English is not mi first language :)

    1. Hi Makribus.

      Thanks for pointing this error.
      The html editor in the blog messed up with the code.

      I have shared it on a google doc here:

      Thanks also for the purchase of my shield.
      See you around.

    2. Want to buy a display but I can´t from ebay because of the shipping.
      Please send me an email to robertoperezc x gmail dot com.

    3. I was too lazy & too poor to make my own shield, it was way cheaper & faster to buy this shield, not only is it clearly marked, but the book is a really nice bonus, i enjoy looking at the back cover, which is faster than going to the data sheet :)
      No more breadboard programming for me, yay!

      The rgb board is a good price, i could have paid $55 to have 12 made, but with $66 for postage, thats a total of $121 , so for the price that's a steal, plus you get the components with it.

      That is truly, amazing value!

    4. Thanks for your good words.
      I buy in bulk quantities and prices so i can offer lower prices. Also it's my hobby to make those boards and that's sthng you can't pay.

      Hope to see your projects photos here soon :)

    5. I just received the ATtinyShield, was up all night playing with it, and chasing the ideas in my head. I now see why Themis has made this his labor of love. It shows in the quality of his craftsmanship and attention to detail.

      The shield worked first time. The "tiny" guide was informative and easy to follow. I will take pride in showing this shield to my friends and directing them to purchase one of their own.

      In addition to the shield, I also received the RGB_tiny. This is a fun little adaption of the ATtiny85 and the downloaded code from this website worked flawlessly. I have already set it up as a little night light next to my bed, using a li-poly battery from my radio control gear. Now I need to figure how to monitor the voltage using an analog input, so I don't discharge the battery too much.

      Thanks again Themis, your inspiration is priceless!

    6. Couldn't be prouder and happier with your comments my friend.
      Thanks a lot for your feedback and i welcome your ideas and projects in my blog.

  2. Hi Themis

    I like your blog. I'm thinking of making a couple of projects with attiny, your blog is especially useful since I want to use my arduino as a programmer. Recently I started an Arduino dedicated blog if you're interested please have a look at

    1. hi friend

      your blog is great and very good posts
      i am an amatuer in front of you :)
      keep up the good work

  3. Themis,
    I am very impressed with the attention to detail in the ATtiny shield, fantastic value, the only thing I have changed is the heartbeat LED as I felt it was rather large and gets in the way of the socket, I replaced it with a lower profile 3mm LED.
    Also From a personal point of view I would have preferred lead-free solder as that is all I have used for the last 5 years and I find it just as easy to use as the old lead based stuff.
    I am also thinking of building a small add-on board that plugs into the headers on either side of the socket to program the larger ATtiny chips, this will just be a bit of strip board and a ziff socket (and maybe a decoupling capacitor on the power rail)

    1. thanks for the comments and even more for the ideas.
      yes a smaller led could be better, i never though of it.
      as for the soldering, this is the only way i can do it in such a large quantities i deal with.
      maybe a more proffesional way would be better... i dont know. could u send me a photo of the soldering of yours?

      as far as the extentions sky is the limit.
      many have told me about bigger chips. but i find attiny85 most fitted in my projects and the value of it is very low. from all that i created this shield.

      maybe u could try it and have us take a look.

      thanks a lot.

  4. Very nice product and very fast shipping in Greece.

    1. Eyxaristo patrida
      Thank you countryman.... :)